Keeping your finger on the Pulse™

Carnetics Pulse™ Fleet Management will monitor your vehicles 24/7 and ensure the information you need is available whenever you need it to improve the efficiency of your journeys and driver time.

Pulse™ Fleet Management costs just 68p per day

How does it work?

The location of the vehicle is transmitted from the receiver in the vehicle to the secure Carnetics Server using GPRS to ensure the current location is always known. The data is used to provide reports that you can use to make decisions in your business more effectively.

What is the advantage?

Knowing where a vehicle is now or where it has been ensures you are in control of the facts. This means that you will reduce your vehicle costs and improve the service you give to your customers.

What does it cost?

Many companies will try to hide the real costs! We are proud to shout that Pulse™ Fleet Management costs just £299 to buy and then £10 per month to cover all communication and reporting charges. Installation anywhere in the UK costs £85.

Maths for managers!

If a driver and a van costs £40,000 per year to keep on the road, and drives on average 30,000 miles, every mile costs £1.33. Less than ½ mile saved per day covers the cost of a Carnetics Pulse™ Fleet Management. Can you afford not to keep your finger on the Pulse™?